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using this blog to strictly talk about/critic tv shows, and the MULTITUDE of fandoms I have found myself coerced into. P.S I follow back under the doppelgänger chaoskilledthedinosaurz.

I am sooo excited for Gotham!


Jimi Hendrix (1967)
Photographer: Barrie Wentzell

Jimi died 44 years ago today at the age of 27

No more Aiden


No more 007 jokes
No more Naiden
No more Aimily
No more Team Bad Ass
No more secret missions
No more kisses on the beach
No more dreams of a future together
No more “Amanda”

I just do not know how to go on without this

Gearing up for the fall tv season.

Luck isn’t getting what you want. It’s surviving what you don’t want.

— Charlie, Red Band Society (via softspokenandopenminded)


Oh my God. Leo is quoting Dead Poets Society. I can’t handle the emotions. This is so beautiful.

I really like leo. I don’t want any of those girls near him.

And all of a sudden i connect with and feel for the bitchy cheerleader.

Bitch that is the fray you are bashing on. I will hurt you


Daaang. The hospital in red band society must have some connections with the funding.