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using this blog to strictly talk about/critic tv shows, and the MULTITUDE of fandoms I have found myself coerced into. P.S I follow back under the doppelgänger chaoskilledthedinosaurz.

Manhattan love story wasn’t horrible but it also wasn’t a tune in every week show.


why do so many of yall get super butthurt about ships and attack other people because of it

yall are fighting over fictional characters but like deliberately putting down REAL people what is the point 

I one thousand percent approve of the young actress that plays Selina Kyle. She’s gorgeous and sassy and so true to the character. Also love the chemistry her and Ben Mckenzie (Gordon) have. Ugh brotp alert. Love love.


Teenager Selina Kyle should have gotten her own show.

”..We’re black not African. Africans don’t even like us”

-basically Laurence fishburne is the best part of the show.


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These are my exact feelings. The magic and intrigue was lost after season 1.

I miss Aiden Mathis so much. My heart is empty.




Christopher Eccleston on the relationship between the Doctor and his companions

I love you.


I love you.