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using this blog to strictly talk about/critic tv shows, and the MULTITUDE of fandoms I have found myself coerced into. P.S I follow back under the doppelgänger chaoskilledthedinosaurz.

Super conflicted over Scott Michael Foster shooting with OUAT because I’m scared he won’t come back to Chasing life. I hope he’s able to do both shows.

I’m so done with Alison


I think at this point I only watch pll for Hanna Marin and Haleb, with occasional glimpses of Mona.


Protect Hanna 2k14


can we please talk about caleb rivers calling hanna marin his baby and forget all the alcohol shit for a moment,please like they’re too perfect i’m just so emotional that they’re back together even if they’re both a mess right now


Aria: You’re the problem, Hanna! You’re always the problem!


I need a gif of Leo saying “you gotta work for it” FOR REASONS.

F I N A L L Y! <3